I started making these pieces as a catalyst for connection. Heirlooms are drawn by hand to create a unique, personal piece. No one else will have it and hopefully it will be passed down one day. Heirlooms are distinctive + forever.

These are made to order - they can take 3+ weeks to design and craft - most likely less - but with COVID and its unforeseen precautions and delays ever-present, I want to manage expectations. Many thanks for your understanding and patience.

Prices for custom pieces vary depending on the complexity of the design, size and materials used. 

An Heirloom can be anything! Currently there are rings, bracelets, pendants and necklaces but open to explore!

Handmade. Hand assembled. Made with Love. Made in the USA. We are not striving for perfection here : these pieces are made by people with their hands - not machine production - and they may show marks of human craftsmanship. 

100% Certified Recycled Precious Metals : The metal used is all recycled from the jewelry industry, refined by United.


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Heirloom /erlōōm/ - a valuable object that has belonged to a family for several generations. >>> I wanted to connect with people to collaborate in creating something they would love + value with the intention for it to last forever. Made to Order.

Black and white hand-drawn text sketched out for the first process in getting the ring made two options to chose from by ambie stapleton diane solway VKYRASEPTEMBERMMI sketches for rings

Process : Once we decide on the text, I do a multitude of sketches then narrow it down to two different designs that you can chose from. Each one is drawn by hand.

Once Finalized : I will send the ring via CAD so you can see what it will look like.

Finally : The piece is then print + cast in the metal of choice, sent to polish then....Viola! an Heirloom is made.

Heirloom ring Ambie Stapleton ring in 14k gold 3d printed on Ambie's hand

AmbieStapleton : 14k Gold

Lennon Dean : 14k Gold

Wedding Rings : 14K White Gold

TIMING : Sterling Silver

Megan Gray wearing here 10 year anniversary ring in 14k gold MMX - MMXX hand drawn made and 3d printed luxury gift and unique one of a kind gift ring and heirloom

MMX - MMXX : 14k Gold

Heirloom for Hector Osunsa Hauntology in 14k gold hand drawn 3d printed text large width band wrapped around a finger Jewelry by ambie stapleton


Heirloom for Kim Meshces in honor of his late Grandfather Arnold Mesches art artist ring by Ambie Stapleton 3d Printed handmade custom jewelry sterling silver

MESCHES : Sterling Silver

Heirlooms for Hunter Gray and Megan Gray Sterling silver XVDECEMBERMMX-MMXX 10 year anniversary sterling silver matching rings with one 14k gold mmx mmxx ring for Megan gray 3d printed jewelry luxury heirlooms by ambie stapleton

10 Year Anniversary Rings : 14K Gold + Sterling silver

Heirloom for my Virgo Girls for Kyra V September MMI bought by Diane Solway for her daughter's birthday gift made by ambie stapleton in sterling silver 3d printed super special gift and heirloom forever

VSEPTEMBERMMI : Sterling Silver

Sketches done in black and white drawn by hand and to make into jewelry  handmade drawn 3d printed jewelry and text by ambie stapleton calligraphy sterling silver gold platinum diamonds hand-drawn jewelry unique gifts special gifts